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As the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets continues to evolve and gain traction, regulatory frameworks like the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation in the EU have become pivotal in shaping the future landscape. Therefore, Anja Blaj very briefly presented to us what the new MiCA regulation brings and where all the challenges lie ahead in the future.

It is crucial for industry stakeholders, investors, and consumers alike to understand the implications, challenges, and benefits brought on by such regulations.

What is MiCA, when will it become applicable, who does it apply to and how? This Bitcoin meet-up session provided an overview of regulatory process within the EU, insight into MiCA regulation, its overall timeline, token classification, DeFi and NFT “exceptions” and current state of the art. We discussed how crypto-asset service providers can best prepare for MiCA, the most recent Consultation papers from ESMA and EBA and draft guidelines on both, reverse solicitation and conditions and criteria for the qualification of crypto-assets as financial instruments. The meetup was led by Anja, a policy expert at the European Crypto Initiative, who’s been part of the team negotiating some of the MiCA outcomes and responding to the most recent consultation batches. Despite the presence of a lawyer, this meetup aimed for a relaxed atmosphere and haven’t delve into too many technical or legal aspects.

MiCA presentation