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At the 28th Bitcoin Ljubljana meetup, scheduled for January 31, 2024, at Café Sputnik, we took a look into the year 2024. We didn’t predict the future, nor peer into a crystal ball, but we analyzed what we already know what is coming. We were all eagerly anticipating some positive movements, for which we have at least five well-founded reasons in the upcoming year. The meetup was led by Klemen, who recently wrote an article on this topic and will present it due to immense interest. We discussed upcoming events, such as the recent approval of ETFs, which could catalyze a new cycle of enthusiasm and bullish growth. The meetup had a relaxed atmosphere and didn’t delve into the technical aspects of Bitcoin, making it open to all who wanted to hear a more speculative analysis for the upcoming year and socialize with other community members.


Bikovski katalizatorji presentation